Our Purpose:

We believe all Washingtonians must have the same opportunities free of the barriers of racism. We believe racial equity is achievable and that the private sector has a vital role to play. We have come together in support of Black Washingtonians, to raise awareness of racial inequity in our state, and to advocate for an equitable future. Our ultimate goal is nothing short of equity and opportunity for all Washingtonians.

Our Research:

Our Research

We have been on a journey to listen, learn, and better understand the causes and impacts of racial inequity. We focused on Black Washingtonians because of the long history of injustice and degree of inequity experienced by Black Americans. We gathered data and spoke to Black community and business leaders, data and research experts, and racial equity specialists. The research confirms that Black Washingtonians experience racial inequity in multiple aspects of life. It offers clear evidence that racial bias and structural inequities exist in our country and our state.

Our Commitment:

We are signing a commitment to pursue racial equity for all people and all communities in Washington state. Our coalition will listen, learn, partner, adapt, and engage in the work necessary to meet this commitment. We commit to driving and supporting equity in the corporate sector, in our communities, and through public policy.  We will raise our collective voices to advocate for racial equity, set collective goals, and commit to holding ourselves accountable.

*Our coalition continues to grow. Signers list current as of 4.27.2021.

Our Coalition:

Washington Employers for Racial Equity unites corporate leaders from across the state, representing a cross-sector coalition of companies large and small, local and global. Founding sponsors, Challenge Seattle and Washington Roundtable, are joined by a growing list of regional and statewide business associations representing employers committed to the pursuit of equity for all Washingtonians. The path ahead is long, and the need for action is urgent. We begin now.

Stay Informed: