WERE Conversation for Equity: Dr. Yohuru Williams, University of St. Thomas
WERE Conversation for Equity: Dr. Yohuru Williams, University of St. Thomas
June 2024


Dr. Yohuru Williams (Racial Justice Initiative, University of St. Thomas) discusses challenges to progress in DEI and B efforts for companies and organizations, the historical context affecting workplace equity, and highlights authentic, mission-driven working solutions.

June 2024


In this first video of our new series, Alison Francis discusses her internship experience at Costco, Costco’s efforts to advance racial equity through internship access, partnership with UNCF, and how member companies can engage in equitable internship programs.

WERE Pathways to Leadership: Alison Francis, Costco Wholesale
WERE Pathways to Leadership: Alison Francis, Costco Wholesale
December 2023


WERE invites its member companies and employers across the state to partner with UNCF in helping Black students find internships. Learn more and fill out the partnership interest survey today.

December 2023


Mary Kipp (Puget Sound Energy) and Bart Ricketts (Lease Crutcher Lewis) discuss their efforts to advance racial equity, break through resistance, and build an inclusive workplace culture. 

WERE Conversation for Equity: Puget Sound Energy and Lease Crutcher Lewis
WERE Conversation for Equity: Puget Sound Energy and Lease Crutcher Lewis


November 2023

2023 Supplier Diversity Best Practices Playbook

Supplier Diversity Playbook 2023

Our coalition is committed to increasing diversity and racial equity among contractors, vendors, and suppliers and increasing investment in Black-owned businesses. This guide draws from international resources and the experiences of WERE members to outline principles and tactics for establishing and managing a best-in-class supplier diversity program.

October 2023

Pay Equity Resource guide

Our coalition members have set a goal to achieve racial parity in average compensation for employees in similar job categories. That work starts with an assessment comparing pay of employees doing “like for like” work. This guide outlines nine steps to a successful effort to assess and address pay discrepancies based on race; starting with an executive effort to regularly review compensation data and address inequities.

WERE Conversation for Equity: JPMorgan Chase

WERE Conversation for Equity: JPMorgan Chase

April 2023

Conversation for Equity: JPMorgan Chase

Phyllis Campbell and Kerri Schroeder of JPMorgan Chase discuss the work of embedding a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and why it’s not a zero-sum game.

March 2023

2023 Racial Equity Baseline Report

WERE is committed to measuring and reporting on collective progress toward our ultimate goal of advancing racial equity in the workplace. Data collected in 2021 and 2022 provide a baseline from which to catalyze efforts to advance equity in the workplace.

WERE Baseline Report
January 2023

Spotlight Report: Equitable Hiring and Onboarding Practices

Our coalition aims to better understand and address the barriers Black talent face in the workplace. This report highlights a selection of practices employers of various sizes can explore to support hiring and successful retention of Black talent, including the use of intentional recruiting processes, objective selection criteria, and personalized onboarding.

December 2022

Spotlight Report: Access to Capital

National data and direct insights from Black business owners spotlight the challenges they face accessing capital to start and grow businesses in Washington state. In this report, WERE highlights practices that private sector employers are deploying to increase access to capital for Black business owners, including expediting payments, making strategic equity investments, and investing in mission-driven banks.

November 2022

CEO Conversation: REI & Seattle Storm

REI President & CEO Eric Artz and Seattle Storm Co-Owner Dawn Trudeau share their experiences engaging employees at all levels of the organization as well as their customers and fans in efforts to advance racial equity.

CEO Conversation: Workplace Culture and Inclusion

CEO Conversation: Workplace Culture and Inclusion

November 2022


We are grateful to our partners at Central Washington University for curating and hosting a repository of links to websites, podcasts, videos, and other resources that leaders can use to support equity and address the unique challenges Black and other employees of color face in the workplace.

October 2022

Spotlight: Equitable Contracting Practices

This report catalogs feedback from Black business owners across Washington state about their experiences with private-sector contracting and the barriers they face to growing their businesses in Washington state. Building off that feedback, the report presents nine potential practices that employers of all sizes can explore to increase equity throughout their contracting processes and support increased investment in Black-owned businesses.

September 2022

Spotlight: Advancing Black Talent

Spotlight Advancing

Equitable advancement requires increased access and representation for Black workers across the business enterprise. This report explores employer practices aimed at supporting the advancement of Black talent, including effective use of Employee Resource Groups, executive-specific racial equity training, and equitable promotion policies.

July 2022

Spotlight: Minority-Owned Business Certification

Certification is one tool used to help direct corporate spend to minority-owned businesses. This report outlines existing and emerging certification strategies and details how – as part of a supplier diversity program – firms can use certification to increase relationships with Black-owned suppliers and offer broader access to development tools and contracting opportunities.

Spotlight Certification Thumbnail
Washington Employers for Racial Equity CEO Conversation: Seattle Kraken and T-Mobile

Washington Employers for Racial Equity CEO Conversation: Seattle Kraken and T-Mobile

April 2022

CEO Conversation: Seattle Kraken & T-Mobile

Seattle Kraken CEO Tod Leiweke and T-Mobile President & CEO Mike Sievert share their learnings and experiences working to advance racial equity within their corporate culture and workplaces.

October 2021

CEO Conversation: Black Business Leaders

Craig Dawson, Mack Hogans, and Mary Pugh discuss the inequities they faced in their careers and strategies CEOs can use to advance Black talent and support Black businesses in Washington.

CEO Conversation: Black Business Leaders

CEO Conversation: Black Business Leaders

December 2020

Foundation Report: An Equitable Future for Washington State

Our Research

Since forming in December 2020, WERE has been on a journey to listen, learn, and better understand the causes and impacts of racial inequity. We began by gathering data and speaking to Black community and business leaders, data and research experts, and racial equity specialists. The findings are not new. Rather, they reconfirm that Black Washingtonians experience racial inequity in multiple facets of life, including the workplace.